The simple reason is a reset to the male reality. The Lifetime of attention is concentrated in their first 28 years, and thanks to their lack of other skills and age filters they experience a hard drop

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That is part of the problem- but the bigger question is why white women, in western countries, are especially prone to such delusions and mental issues.

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You will not like my answer.

About 2 years ago I tripped over the answer when I consciously removed male logic from my thinking and attempted as a thought experiment to see the world as a woman throughout her life from childhood to old age. I ran this experiment through different cultures I have been exposed to - South American, European, African, and now North American.

So here goes:

1. The ultimate enablement of female choice is lifespan, and particularly at what age the population has already halved. In Africa that age is 15, in Europe and North America that age is north of 50.

2. The second determinant is financial freedom. In North America a wage of $60K - $70K seems to be the event horizon at which point women demand men in the 1% of earners. In Europe, the welfare state is an effective “high floor” that works the same way.

3. Now we’re moving into the undetected-by-men portion: female groupthink. Just as flamingos in zoos can be fooled into mating in captivity by placing a circle of mirrors around them, making it appear as if they’re surrounded by thousands of other flamingos and hence safe, so can women’s own desires be amplified by the mass media. We know this from 1930s Nazi germany’s total control of the press and its effect on steering women to have babies. In South America and Africa, local cultural and tribal norms are still effective but getting weaker every decade.

Combining all this into the perfect shitstorm where lifespan is effectively 70+ years, women can make enough to fund a lifestyle through credit for decades, and the subculture of the 1% can be adopted by the 99%, the mindset of women changes dramatically.

As I ran my thought experiment I kept coming back to women explaining their “dating life” in terms of VULNERABILITY and INTIMACY. Vulnerability being the X-axis, and Intimacy being the Y-axis. The “modern woman” lives in a semi circle of low vulnerability and low intimacy, as this gives her hand in any interaction with men. Within this semi circle, hookup culture is very low vulnerability and very low intimacy, and situationships extend beyond hookup culture in vulnerability and intimacy. Hookup culture is defined by the SEX ACTS women will indulge in, with the “border” between situationships being anal and bondage.

A woman has to extend both her vulnerability and her intimacy to convert a one-night stand to a Permanent relationship, or “claimed woman”. This creates another semi circle at the high vulnerability and high intimacy range. The semi circles for hookup culture&situationships and LTR appear to be separated/don’t overlap.

Ok, so here is where for MEN this explanation will sound insane, but WOMEN see this as perfectly normal: they fervently believe that they can go from dating/fucking casually while young and hot to becoming a respected wife and mother just by increasing their vulnerability and intimacy. A woman goes from having a hoe phase, all fun and finding herself, to knowing herself, and wanting to settle down, and doing the right thing. Then, after having kids, she gets bored, ditches the relationship, and reverts back to low vulnerability and has another YOLO phase.

The delusion you speak of comes in when women attempt to cajole a MAN into committing to a relationship with a WOMAN who is unwilling to leave the hookup culture&situationship zone.

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