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A quick addition. Chris Hedges (great author) in his own way discussed these issues about the decline or fall of empires, particularly the USA.

I don't remember who he referenced as a source for the observation or claim that the decline of the US empire began many decades ago. It was after WWII when the country shifted from being an empire of production to an empire of consumption. I think he referenced the author Seymour Melman, but I am unsure. I have some of his books on my to-read list like Profits Without Production and the Permanent War Economy.

One would think the (so-called) leadership in the USA would be more concerned with the partnership and deals being worked on by BRICS and closer to home Brazil and Argentina considering creating a common currency than the nonsense they are usually fixated on. But what can one really expect from such poor stewards of the nation and its resources? You did have a post a long time ago about the difference between governance and government and people likely having more issues with poor governance than government itself.

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