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Dude blog is great and all but this post I think is a bit too backwards looking. Right now, sure not a lot of thick normal women at normal resorts using standard or older photography methods. But that is a business/legal/ "moral" limitation not a technical one. In other words probably more images of that thick normal woman type exist privately than on the public net.

All the stuff like that that IS online, even the pro nudes are being avoided/censored by Midjourney and even Stable Diffusion devs in newer main models bc they're PC pussies. Once the modelling gets better (soon) and once contextual inference on images gets better (I disagree that AI/GPT won't or even NOW cannot tell me that the thick woman is likely at a cheap resort with her BF, etc TECHNICALLY speaking. It cannot do this now again bc these companies are fucking PUSSIES and handicap it from doing so.)

Basically I think what happens next is a bunch of the best AI code gets leaked, and people start doing way more open source stuff with pooled hardware (or some illegal overseas servers are made open to the public and they turn a blind eye to usage). Then something like, "the fappening reloaded" happens and a shit ton of people get their phones/accounts hacked and billions of normal women's images get leaked to be used as training data. Hell, maybe even some company finds a way to promote female users by encouraging them to take more amateur style photos not at home, and submitting them to be trained on or even submitting older ones they took years ago while in college, etc. Also not sure where u get the idea that it's that rare to begin with. One of the best genres of porn is normal women nude in public. I have no idea how much exists or is needed to train on but tbf, how do you?

Photoshop, not sure about that cant speak on how their tools work, but they will probably fall behind HARD. My guess is they implement this AI stuff but maintain some PC BS about "standards" and begin monitoring tooling work done by customers (force all software online 24/7) and insta blur or ban any deepfakes by using their own counter "real woman detection" defensive AI software. I honestly think AI changes everything. I get the dislike for Valloids aka Silly Valley, but idk. I have used GPT 4 and Midjourney etc I fucking love the shit. it only gets better from here imo

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Lot of stories that AI will kill humans what are your thoughts ?

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