>Italy, Spain, Greece, South Korea, Japan

South Korea actually has a rather extreme feminist movement (also one of the worst fertility rates in the world) While the other countries may not have mainstream feminism, they are still effected by liberalism.

Polling data shows the average woman actually wants 2.5 or more kids. The disconnect that occurs is probably many women can’t find a man they view as worthy of men, as many men are pushed out of the education system and thus job market, and those that do are usually much later in life and don’t have time to have as many kids as they were planning.

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"Curiously, the rich and powerful (men) of previous eras usually had many legitimate and illegitimate kids."

Not trying to nitpick, but great post on something I have been looking at for awhile. Fertility rates spell trouble for society, especially if you look at immigration, race, and other factors. I want at least 5 kids myself, but we will see how that goes.

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