Map of Europe : divorce rates per 100 marriages


There is a popular joke in Russia: 'We fight against the same sex families, while half of the country is being brought up in same sex families.: grandma, mother, the kids.'

Your title refers of the "developed" countries, while the body of the article speaks of the West.

The West, the argument goes, has internalised the mindset of capitalism and neoliberalism. The rest of the world, seeing the West's collapse, would draw the right lessons.

One problem with that thinking is that drawing the right lessons from past history is difficult and rare.

There is a saying : the main thing that history can teach us is that people don't learn from history.

Another problem is that the West may have internalised those things as a spontaneous consequence of the so-called modern way of life, a way of life desired and emulated everywhere. How does one actually go extricating the good from the bad within that network of relationships?

Both the West, and China belong to what can be termed an industrial civilisation. All their differences are the differences like those between parent and child, between countries at different stages in the development of a single civilisation, which passes the course from gradual flowering and fruition, toward rot, in every part of the world.

The theorists of this view of the dynamics, relative to which "the crisis" filling the media headlines are mere epiphenomena, include Lewis Mumford, Jacques Ellul, Ivan Illich, and Ted Kaczynski.

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