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This reminded me of those guys who do the whole "cuckface" pose in the pictures they post online. They don't seem all-too-right in the head either or just suffering from another issue. Guess it could a sign of the times. The deeper and more pervasive societal degradation/rot gets the more abnormal behavior is displayed, and becomes normalized. If everyone is mentally ill then no one is right?

I usually pay no mind to some of these folks who come across as weirdos. It would be funny if others weren't taking them so seriously. Maybe if enough people would just ignore them (SJWs and their ilk and bedfellows), they would just disappear since if no one pays attention to them then they have no influence. This is hard to do admittedly, thanks to social media. Part of me thought Elon might drive these types off Twitter and back to Tumblr or further back to LiveJournal (if it is still around).

Also, I stumbled across an old work of yours on my old tablet "Why Societies Fool Themselves about their True Selves". Maybe someday you can revisit that too.

Lastly, happy new year

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