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The market for professional photography practitioners is by definition seasonal and niche. The arrival of professional DSLR cameras in the $1,500 range has thoroughly democratized the photography business, and the photographer with a studio has morphed into a roving nomad with a decent MacBook at home. The only real distinction is the ability to kick out work day in day out, and that requires scale (read: employees) and capital. If volume isn’t a problem, well then the apple iPhone 13 and up are good enough (with attachments and lighting systems).

Beauty in the US tends to head to “the big city” at high school graduation, leaving a vast sea of 5/10’s and lessers. I saw more 8/10s and up in Las Vegas than Chicago.

Beauty may be seen more in Europe, but more unapproachable.

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Did you here that Mike CA’s favorite bank just collapsed? Butt dochya worry, sloppy Joe will surety bail them and the uninnovative techies right out!

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